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Advanced Paper Cutting

We always improve and upgrade our printing technologies, using different techniques to achieve what our customers need. Look for us to find a suitable solution to your advertising and marketing needs.

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Commercial Printer in JB

Our company offers a wide and essential array of quality services for all your printing needs. With many years of printing experience, our company is not limited to Malaysia and serves Singaporeans as well.

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All Kinds Of Printing

Technologically equipped to handle all your needs and requirements, Oren Printing Sdn Bhd offers multi-colour paper printing, sticker printing, label printing, invoice printing, bulk bill printing, calendar printing among many other printing services.

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Latest projects

Complete printing services in Johor Bahru, serving Singapore customers as well. Request a quote.

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Image descriptionQuality Printouts

Full colour commercial printing for all your paper materials. Be it flyer printing, brochure printing, sticker label printing, bill and invoice printing etc, we do our best in our delivery.

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Image descriptionPrinting Specialists

With great experience and great knowledge of the client needs, our company offers printing services for a wide array of different tiers of clientele.

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Image descriptionCustomer Service

Our customer service handles everything with utmost respect, understanding and with meticulous details.

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What We Say

We do our best in delivering on-time and quality printed finishings. Consider us your partner in your printing needs.

Steven Ong / Director.

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